Welcome to the Giger Lab

Roman Giger is a Professor in Cell and Developmental Biology at the University of Michigan School of Medicine. His research is focused on molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate nervous system regeneration following injury or disease. To study gene function in the mammalian nervous system, the Giger laboratory pursues a variety of mouse genetic approaches combined with surgical, histological, biochemistry-based, electrophysiological, and behavioral studies. These investigations have led to the identification of novel ligands and receptors that orchestrate neural network assembly, axonal regeneration, myelin development, and synaptic plasticity in the mammalian central nervous system. 

Research Interests: 
Nervous System Regeneration; axon-glia communication, synaptic plasticity, nervous system myelination, neuroinflammation.

Postdoctoral fellow, Johns Hopkins University (Advisor: Alex Kolodkin)
Postdoctoral fellow, Netherlands Institute for Brain Research (Advisor: Joost Verhaagen)
Ph.D. University of Zurich, Switzerland (Advisor: Peter Sonderegger)