Lab manager job position

Describe the Job You will be working in a Neuroscience laboratory studying brain development and neurorepair. You will spend approximately one-third of your time with administrative duties; the remaining time is dedicated to research.  Administrative tasks include managing undergraduate students, ordering, receiving and storing of reagents and chemicals, general lab organization and compliance with regulatory guidelines, scheduling lab meetings, managing PI’s schedule, and keeping track of spending and lab inventory.  Your will work in a team and participate in ongoing research projects. Depending on skill levels, you will be trained in mouse genetics, primary neuronal cell culture, biochemical techniques, brain sectioning, and immunofluorescence labeling, flow cytometry and work with DNA and RNA. You will be participating in laboratory meetings and institutional events.  
Educational Value             of the Position This position will strengthen organizational and administrative skills.  Lab management duties will be paired with research projects to expand experimental skills and technical know-how. Work in a team to advance biomedical research.    
Requirements for the Job Good communication skills. Prior research experience in a basic science laboratory and BA preferred.  
Number of Available Openings 1
Hours per week Flexible – ideally 30-40 hours /Week
Hourly Wage or Range   It can be negotiated according to experience and skill level.